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Dakota Trails 


If you have questions call Marc at 651-341-6616 or 

Fat bikes are not allowed on ski or snowmobile trails. 

Dakota Trails Snowmobile Association was formed to provide safe snowmobiling. It provides marked and groomed trails throughout Dakota County .


Dakota Trails invites you to ride our trails, for your safety and enjoyment, please observe the following rules:


1. Trail right of way is 20 feet, anything anything else will be considered trespassing. Tickets will be issued.

2. Do not remove or destroy any trail signs.

3. Do not damage any trees, shrubs, etc.

4. Do not disturb any wildlife or any livestock.

5. Do not litter.

6. Take special care when crossing roadways and going through fenced areas.

7. Remember that lakes are never completely safe due to springs, creeks and channels.

8. Remember all snowmobilers are judged by the actions of a few. Please do not cause any     disturbances or damage to any property.

9. Where trails follow public roads, obey all traffic laws and regulations. Keep to the right,  dim lights, etc.

10. Snowmobilers are prohibited from operating on certain public streets in many towns. When in these areas, watch for marked streets or check with city officials.

11. These trails are for snowmobilers. Four-wheel drive vehicles prohibited.

12. These rules are enforced by the Dakota County Sheriff's Department. If violations of these rules are observed, please notify the Sheriff's department.

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